Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another Reason to Give Thanks

On Monday, I helped to deliver Thanksgiving dinner packs to community organizations in our area. As a provisional member of the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills, I helped to ferry over 250 bags to organizations around the area. That’s a turkey dinner with trimmings for families in need right in our own back yard. And where did the trimmings—like cranberry sauce and stuffing mix—come from? A lot of these items came from our own student body and the greater Marshall community.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Hot It’s Cool: Mad Science’s “Fire & Ice”

On Friday, October 25th Marshall students gathered for a fun-filled assembly highlighting some of science’s magical qualities. Presented by Mad Science, Fire and Ice gave students an interactive look at the amazing properties of fire and combustion as well as the ultra cool qualities of dry ice. Students were captivated as they took a sip of science behind soda in the Big Burp and bubbled with excitement as they washed up with a Mad Science Shower.

A Weighty Issue

This year, for the first time ever, the Marshall Learning Garden grew a pumpkin patch. Much to our surprise, we grew several giant pumpkins! The largest of the three provided a special opportunity for Marshall students to use their skills of estimation to guess the pumpkin's weight. Each class provided a guesstimation and the winner was announced just before the annual Halloween parade. The pumpkin clocked in at 48.75 lbs, and Ms. Intile's class had a winning guess of 48lbs! That’s Ms. Intile’s class above with their prize-winning pumpkin.

This Is Halloween!

Marshall kids had the opportunity to participate in the school’s annual Halloween parade. Led by Bonita Samuels, teachers, and staff, the parade circled the block as kids got to show off their creative, scary, funny, and altogether wonderful costumes. See for yourself in our scary slideshow: