Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Nurse’s Note on Food Allergies

Marshall School is no longer a peanut/nut free School, but we do have some classrooms that will remain peanut/nut free. Their lunch tables will also be designated as peanut/nut free. If your child is in a class where a student has a food allergy of any type, you have been advised by the classroom teacher. Please remind your children to not share food at any time. If your child’s classroom is designated as “peanut/tree nut free,” there are several extra strategies and precautions that are in place to help prevent allergic reactions. In addition, our lunch tables are cleaned between lunch sessions with products that remove peanut residue. WISH LIST: Containers of Lysol wipes (no Clorox brand) to assist us with the lunchroom clean up. Keep them coming!

Our Nurse Johnson
The Literature coming from the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), NASN, and a document under construction by the CDC do not endorse “Peanut/Nut Free” Schools. They feel that a peanut/nut free school can give a false sense of security regarding food that comes into a building. Further, this false sense of security could lead to inattention to things like adequate monitoring of meals and snacks, clean up after food is served, and the reinforcing of good practices (like not sharing food) at school. This is especially relevant to children who are allergic to things other than peanuts. In FAAN’s words, “It may be useful depending on the age of the children involved to exclude peanut /nut from a classroom or to have a specific table that is allergen safe.” As ever, we invite your cooperation to help all our children stay safe.
                                                                             —Nurse Johnson