Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Morning, Marshall!

Friday, January 31 was Pajama Day at Marshall School AND the first ever school-wide Student Broadcast from Marshall's very own Broadcast Booth!
 Broadcast Booth is brand new this year, with second grade students writing the scripts, rehearsing their roles and manning the controls.

Camera Operator Sam Gottesman
Anchors Eileen Conway and Elijah Hall (seen above) kicked off the broadcast, reading their scripts flawlessly from the teleprompter, followed by a pre-recorded video interview by Roving Reporter Charlotte Drapkin. A student technology guru was at the keyboard, and Camera Operator Sam Gottesman kept things in focus, while a Student Director called the shots. Marshall students in their classrooms could hear the announcements and view the video interview.

Sam Gottesman and roving reporter
Charlotte Drapkin
Thank you to Mrs. Samuels and PTA volunteers Melvyn Latham III, Doug Wythe and committee chair Laura Brenden for organizing this inaugural broadcast. We are all looking forward to the next broadcast!