Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let’s Take a Walk!

The Marshall Mileage Club will be available to our second graders during their recess time. The 7-8 year olds will have the opportunity to participate in a walking program designed to utilize the walking track on property. As an incentive to move and set personal wellness goals the students will receive a toe token as a measurement of success for certain distances achieved.

The Marshall Mileage Club is an opportunity for students to become fit, knowledgeable and expressive movers. We strongly believe the walking club will not only improve fitness, but improve student performance specific to the core curriculum content standards. This extension to a quality school health coordinated program can allow students to be sharper, more attentive, and less impulsive and sustain their attention longer in the classroom.

Furthermore, the walking club increases student options during recess, and possibly decreasing behavior problems brought into classroom. The Marshall Mileage Club is an opportunity for all students to discover the joy of achieving milestones with their peers, developing new friendships and how social interaction can make activities more fun. To connect all classes and grade levels, a large mural of the United States of America will be displayed on the wall inside the gymnasium. On the map the entire student body can celebrate our accomplishments by observing how the feet move and plot the total distance the second graders have traveled.

In order to add a cross-curricular component, the second graders have identified and plotted landmarks they have studied in social studies as place they would like to walk to on the United States map. If you visit the gym in the near future you will see feet that plot the distances achieved so far in the walking program. Starting from Marshall School in South Orange, New Jersey the participating second graders have walked to the White House in Washington, D.C. and now they are currently on their way to Disney World!

Second grade parents, thank you for your support and sending in pictures of your child or children enjoying Disney and all its magic. These pictures will be displayed on the bulletin board next to the main office as motivation to walk to Disney. Please come take a look at the second graders accomplishments as it is pretty remarkable that these students are choosing to be responsible for their own personal fitness during their recess time.